Team LA

Little Avondale and its horses are only as good as their team. It's their daily attention to detail which ensures the safety and health of every horse

Sam Williams

Little Avondale's proprietor Sam Williams. It all began at the Te Parae stables for pocket money of $5 a day!


Catriona Williams

Catriona Williams began riding as a four year old, in front of the saddle of her mother Maureen as they shifted sheep and cattle on the McLeod family's Wairarapa farm.


Buzz & Susie

Multiple Gr.1 Breeders
(of Sam/Anna/George)

Kirsty Percy

Holds The Purse

John Duncan

All The News

Lawson Campbell

The Everything Guy

The A Team!

Helen Phinney
Morgan Percy
Hannah Mee
Rebecca Sargeant
Alyssa Fox
Nikita Cunningham
Rolf Le Roux
Melissa Williams
FARRIER - Kambel Barham Aaron McGilly Matangi Stokes
VET - Mandy Illston, Lucy Russell Grainne Cuunniingham
Katy Price
Abby Cheetham
April Donaldson
Izzie Elworthy
Georgia Percy
Amelie Seubert
Anna Rasmussen
Lucy Griffith

Excellence, under-pinned by a good public profile that is down to earth and friendly

Janelle Millar, New Plymouth Trainer