Little Avondale Daily Runners

Upcoming Starts

        16:00 Race 7 ACY Securities H., A$130000 1100m
            Shadow Crush (NZ) 2016 (G. by Per Incanto-Inertia) (trainer: Mark Newnham)
        15:12 Race 6 Stradbroke Season on Sale Soon H., A$75000 1200m
            Frosty Mango (AUS) 2018 (F. by Hinchinbrook-Pure Purrfection) (trainer: T J Gollan)
        15:52 Race 7 XXXX Dry H., A$55000 1200m
            Purroni (AUS) 2016 (F. by Pierro-Pure Purrfection) (trainer: T J Gollan)
    Illawarra TC
        13:55 Race 1 Brownsville P., A$35000 2000m
            Kiterro (NZ) 2017 (F. by Pierro-Kittens) (trainer: C J Waller)
            Tympanist (NZ) 2018 (G. by Belardo-Anaween) (trainer: David Payne)
        14:30 Race 2 Berkeley Maiden P., A$35000 1000m
            Eye Pea Oh (NZ) 2018 (F. by Capitalist-Tie Me Down) (trainer: R & M Freedman)
    Kangaroo Island RC
        16:15 Race 6 Terrywhite Chemmart H., A$5675 1750m
            Igitur (AUS) 2013 (G. by Helmet-Gaudeamus) (trainer: Ms E Hubbard)
            Run On (NZ) 2016 (G. by Savabeel-Youtoofast) (trainer: Ms P Trenwith)
        16:45 Race 5 Vale Dr Joe McDermott H., A$70000 1100m
            Mantelli (AUS) 2016 (G. by Per Incanto-One Love) (trainer: C & M Gangemi)
Great Britain
        15:05 Race 8 Betway Novice S., £13600 1208m
            Measured Moments (GB) 2019 (F. by Time Test-Hope and Fortune) (trainer: J Butler)
    Selangor TC
        13:45 Race 2 Class 5 H., Rgt.22000 1250m
            Destiny Child (Sing.) (NZ) 2016 (F. by Darci Brahma-Star Guest) (trainer: HY Cheng)
        14:45 Race 4 Max two S., Rgt.35000 1300m
            Willow Springs (NZ) 2017 (G. by Per Incanto-Irish Magic) (trainer: MS S HAMILTON)
New Zealand
    Auckland TR
        16:29 Race 1 Karaka Cup, NZ$110000 2200m
            Sir Nate (NZ) 2015 (G. by Nadeem-Just Diamonds) (trainer: Ms L Latta)
        17:11 Race 2 Westbury Classic Gr.2, NZ$150000 1400m
            Faithful Feat (NZ) 2017 (F. by Per Incanto-On Yer Feet) (trainer: P W Lock)
            One More Time (NZ) 2017 (F. by Per Incanto-Aaja Nachle) (trainer: S Ralph)
        18:29 Race 4 Karaka 2YO Million (R) L, NZ$1000000 1200m
            Mascarinto (NZ) 2019 (G. by Per Incanto-Black Mascara) (trainer: S D Cole)
            Time Flies (NZ) 2019 (G. by Time Test-Rorippa) (trainer: J W Richards)
            Time Ruler (NZ) 2019 (G. by Time Test-Got the Snitz) (trainer: L O'Sullivan & A Scott)
            Timeless (NZ) 2019 (F. by Time Test-Avoid) (trainer: S Ralph)
        19:11 Race 5 Concorde H. Gr.3, NZ$110000 1200m
            Monaco (NZ) 2014 (G. by Per Incanto-Monarch) (trainer: S Ralph)
            Short Fuse (NZ) 2014 (F. by Per Incanto-Only Explosive) (trainer: G Richardson & R Norvall)
        19:48 Race 6 Karaka Million 3YO Classic (R) L, NZ$1000000 1600m
            Karman Line (NZ) 2018 (F. by Myboycharlie-World Away) (trainer: L O'Sullivan & A Scott)
    Gore RC
        12:13 Race 1 Croydon Contracting Maiden S., NZ$15000 1335m
            Duck Duck Goose (NZ) 2018 (F. by Rageese-Code Black) (trainer: K & A Tyler)
        12:48 Race 2 NZB Insurance Pearl Series H., NZ$30000 1335m
            Ruby Royale (NZ) 2016 (F. by Per Incanto-Jawharaw) (trainer: G Gibson)
        15:08 Race 6 Roofcraft Industries H., NZ$30000 1200m
            Noah (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Trust d'Or) (trainer: Ms K Dickson)
        15:43 Race 7 Gore Guineas L, NZ$60000 1335m
            Doringo (NZ) 2018 (G. by Per Incanto-Carmen Jones) (trainer: S J Kirkland)
            Shameless Tart (NZ) 2018 (F. by Shamexpress-Clos de Tart) (trainer: Andrew Carston)
        16:18 Race 8 DB Breweries H., NZ$30000 1335m
            Noah (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Trust d'Or) (trainer: Ms K Dickson)
            Tavy Road (NZ) 2016 (F. by Tavistock-Power and Might) (trainer: Ms S McKay)
        12:30 Race 1 Services & Citizens Clubs Maiden S., NZ$15000 1000m
            Fifita (NZ) 2018 (G. by Telperion-Kay's Dream) (trainer: C R Isdale)
        13:05 Race 2 Bowling Clubs H., NZ$30000 1200m
            Fibonacci (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Da Vinci Code) (trainer: S R Mercer)
            Magness (NZ) 2016 (G. by Nadeem-Woodbury Belle) (trainer: Nicola Marshall)
            Mi Carol (NZ) 2015 (F. by Nadeem-Karaka Jubilee) (trainer: Ms R Lockett)
        14:50 Race 5 Returned Service Association H., NZ$40000 1400m
            Belclare (NZ) 2017 (F. by Per Incanto-Miss Rhythmic) (trainer: Ms L Latta)
            Shadows Cast (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Ages Past) (trainer: M K Oulaghan)
        16:38 Race 8 Cosmo & Workingmen's Clubs H., NZ$40000 1600m
            Pep Torque (NZ) 2013 (G. by Nadeem-Cosmic Flight) (trainer: Ms K Lawrence)
            Time to Celebrate (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Silver Cent) (trainer: Ms J K Mahoney)
            Victorem (NZ) 2017 (F. by Shooting to Win-Gymnast) (trainer: J Benner & H Wynyard)
    Singapore TC
        17:00 Race 11 Class 4 H., S$50000 1400m
            Billy Elliot (NZ) 2016 (G. by Per Incanto-Dancing Mistress) (trainer: S Gray)
    Clarence River JC
        14:10 Race 3 Dougnut Terriers H., A$24000 2200m
            Anatolian Charm (NZ) 2016 (F. by Per Incanto-Bosphorus) (trainer: Brad Munro)
        17:20 Race 8 Smec Australia Pty Ltd, A$24000 1700m
            Ambridge (NZ) 2017 (G. by Per Incanto-Our Prized Rose) (trainer: T A Commerford)
        16:45 Race 7 TAB Long May We Play H., A$24000 1400m
            Next Dimension (NZ) 2015 (G. by Per Incanto-Gee Baby) (trainer: Kacy Fogden)
        14:20 Race 4 Ladbrokes Switch P., A$22500 2100m
            American Jewel (AUS) 2017 (G. by Americain-Pinjewel) (trainer: Brendan McShane)
    Wyong RC
        13:15 Race 1 Canadian Club H., A$35000 1100m
            Per Ivy (NZ) 2018 (F. by Per Incanto-Ivy Hall) (trainer: Matthew Smith)
Hong Kong
        13:00 Race 1 D B Pin H., HK$1040000 1000m
            Fortune Marbo (NZ) 2018 (G. by Per Incanto-Zip Zap) (trainer: T P Yung)
        15:00 Race 5 Aerovelocity H., HK$1570000 1200m
            Here Comes Ted (NZ) 2016 (G. by Per Incanto-Princess Annaliese) (trainer: D J Hall)
            Regency Bo Bo (NZ) 2013 (G. by Denman-Tsukioka) (trainer: C S Shum)
        16:05 Race 7 Stewards' Cup Gr.1, HK$12000000 1600m
            Golden Sixty (AUS) 2015 (G. by Medaglia d'Oro-Gaudeamus) (trainer: K W Lui)
        16:35 Race 8 Peniaphobia H., HK$1040000 1200m
            Fantasy Spring (NZ) 2017 (G. by Per Incanto-Kaycent) (trainer: Y S Tsui)
            Sixth Generation (AUS) 2018 (G. by Per Incanto-Xanadu) (trainer: C H Yip)
        17:10 Race 9 Seasons Bloom H., HK$1570000 2000m
            Natural Storm (NZ) 2016 (G. by Pins-Miracle Miss) (trainer: P Yiu)
        17:45 Race 10 Beat the Clock H., HK$1570000 1400m
            Dragon Fortune (NZ) 2017 (G. by Per Incanto-Princess Annaliese) (trainer: F C Lor)
    Selangor TC
        14:45 Race 4 Class 4 H., Rgt.35500 1500m
            Lim's Oceanic (NZ) 2016 (G. by Ocean Park-Pamper) (trainer: BT LIM)
            Peer Gynt (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Arche) (trainer: HY Cheng)
        17:20 Race 9 Class 5 H., Rgt.14000 1250m
            Emperor Warrior (NZ) 2013 (G. by Towkay-Maximite) (trainer: WC LIM)
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Recent Starts

Axecapital (NZ) 2016(G. by Savabeel-Kashmir,
by O'Reilly-Vedodara)
3rd Port Lincoln & North Shields RC Lincoln Sand Supplies H., A$21800 1960m earning A$2225 (trainer: D K Carrison)
Transformation (AUS) 2018(G. by Exceed and Excel-Transfers,
by Street Cry-Movin' Out)
3rd ATC Vinery Maiden H., A$50000 1250m earning A$5000 (trainer: James Cummings)

Recent Results

Forte (NZ) 2016(G. by Per Incanto-Fleur de Lune) 1st HKJC Conghua Turf Barrier trial, 1000m (trainer: D A Hayes)
Colourful Prince (NZ) 2017(G. by Per Incanto-Waimiha) 5th HKJC Conghua Turf Barrier trial, 1000m (trainer: D J Whyte)
Words of Wisdom (NZ) 2018(G. by Pins-Nostalgic) 7th HKJC Conghua Turf Barrier trial, 1000m (trainer: K H Ting)
Beauty Canto - Star of Venus (Mac.) (NZ) 2017(G. by Per Incanto-Bondi Beauty) 3rd Macau Barrier trial, 1000m (trainer: W.L.Ho)
Small Waterfall (NZ) 2017(C. by Ocean Park-Kallisan) 3rd Macau Barrier trial, 1000m (trainer: K.S.Wong)
Sure Will Do (NZ) 2016(G. by Per Incanto-Eloa) 3rd Singapore TC Practice trial, 1000m (trainer: S Gray)
Flying Dragon (NZ) 2017(G. by Per Incanto-Crepe de Chine) 2nd HKJC Sha Tin AWT Barrier trial, 1200m (trainer: C H Yip)
Happy Day (NZ) 2018(G. by Per Incanto-Siciliani) 7th HKJC Sha Tin AWT Barrier trial, 1200m (trainer: W Y So)
Charity Grace (NZ) 2016(G. by Per Incanto-Kalamanda) 8th HKJC Sha Tin AWT Barrier trial, 1200m (trainer: C S Shum)
Jade Phoenix (NZ) 2016(G. by Per Incanto-Our Prized Rose) 1st HKJC Conghua Turf Barrier trial, 1200m (trainer: F C Lor)
Hasstobegood (NZ) 2016(F. by Per Incanto-Don't Dilly Dally) 7th ATC Barrier trial, 795m (trainer: Joseph Pride)


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