Little Avondale Daily Runners

Upcoming Starts

    Darwin TC
        12:53 Race 1 Sunbuild Pty Ltd H., A$30250 1100m
            Grinzinger Brew (NZ) 2016 (G. by Savabeel-Prickle) (trainer: Jason Manning)
        15:43 Race 7 Girls on Tour August 1 P., A$21000 1400m
            Highfalutin Gal (AUS) 2014 (F. by All Too Hard-Marquardt) (trainer: Billy Healey)
    Moe RC
        15:51 Race 8 S&S Equipment Hire H., A$20000 1628m
            Zedstar (NZ) 2015 (G. by Zed-Pentessa) (trainer: Brett Scott)
    Perth Racing
        16:20 Race 8 Beaufine S. L, A$100000 1000m
            Saracino (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Bella Daniela) (trainer: Chris Gangemi)
        16:48 Race 8 Glasshouse H. L, A$85000 1400m
            Victory Eight (NZ) 2013 (G. by Nadeem-Queen's Colours) (trainer: T N Miller)
    Toowoomba TC
        19:10 Race 4 TAB H., A$19000 1200m
            Magic Mystery (NZ) 2015 (G. by Per Incanto-Da Vinci Code) (trainer: Norma King)
    Macau JC
        18:15 Race 5 Sintra H., M$210000 1200m
            Chi Chai Sin Sang (NZ) 2015 (G. by Per Incanto-Ivy Hall) (trainer: WSH)
            Sweet Bumhan (NZ) 2016 (G. by Nadeem-Like Me Wild) (trainer: CFC)
New Zealand
        13:42 Race 6 Barfoot & Thompson Highweight H., NZ$14400 1600m
            Zenntari (NZ) 2014 (G. by Zed-Outburst) (trainer: Ms L Munro)
            Renegade Fighter (NZ) 2014 (G. by Zed-Te Awa Rose) (trainer: J K Ruddell)
            Banks Road (NZ) 2014 (G. by Zed-Heather's Magic) (trainer: M H Brosnan)
            Zedcrest (NZ) 2014 (G. by Zed-Gaybrianne) (trainer: R R Manning)
        14:18 Race 7 Barfoot & Thompson Highweight H., NZ$14400 2200m
            Trisha Lea (NZ) 2011 (F. by Zed-Miss Akebono) (trainer: Ms K A Little)
            Zedman (NZ) 2012 (G. by Zed-Sazerac) (trainer: Ms D C Kennedy)
        14:53 Race 8 Barfoot & Thompson Maiden S., NZ$14400 1400m
            Sir Zack (NZ) 2015 (G. by Zed-My Pentire) (trainer: N P Bishara)
        15:28 Race 9 Barfoot & Thompson Rural H., NZ$14400 1400m
            Elle Eye Are (NZ) 2014 (F. by Rip Van Winkle-Bella Rosalia) (trainer: M Baker & A Forsman)
        11:05 Race 2 Riccarton Park Function Centre Maiden S., NZ$14400 900m
            Kneazle (NZ) 2014 (F. by Per Incanto-Luxury Cat) (trainer: Ms A Frye)
        12:13 Race 4 Coca-Cola H., NZ$14400 2000m
            Hillersden (NZ) 2015 (G. by Zed-Forbetterforworse) (trainer: Danny Crozier)
        12:48 Race 5 Hororata Sponsors Maiden S., NZ$14400 1400m
            Shinnecock (NZ) 2015 (G. by Zed-Carib) (trainer: Danny Crozier)
            Donnatina (NZ) 2014 (F. by Zed-Carastar) (trainer: J T O'Flanagan)
        13:23 Race 6 Cup Week Hospitality H., NZ$14400 1000m
            Rocanto (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Romantic Liaisons) (trainer: S B Marsh)
        14:00 Race 7 Speight's H., NZ$14400 1200m
            Arnage (NZ) 2015 (F. by Per Incanto-Madly Bentley) (trainer: Ms J Burrows)
        14:35 Race 8 Norwood Farm Machinery H., NZ$14400 1200m
            Belle Fascino (NZ) 2013 (F. by Per Incanto-Playing for Keeps) (trainer: S B Marsh)
        16:23 Racecourse Hotel H., NZ$14400 1600m
            Producer (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Sivocci) (trainer: Kennedy Moore)
    Singapore TC
        12:30 Race 2 Maiden S., S$75000 1100m
            Pasir Pinji (NZ) 2016 (G. by Nadeem-Mistaar) (trainer: Ms D Logan)
        14:00 Race 5 Class 4 H., S$50000 1200m
            Foggy Lyttle - Per Incrown (Sing.) (NZ) 2015 (G. by Per Incanto-Tick Tock Time) (trainer: L Dragon)
        18:30 Race 14 Class 4 H., S$50000 1200m
            Samurai Express (Sing.) (NZ) 2015 (G. by Per Incanto-Just Casual) (trainer: J LIM)
    Clarence River JC
        16:20 Race 7 Maclean Cup H., A$32000 1400m
            Mister McIlroy (NZ) 2013 (G. by Fastnet Rock-Lady Firebird) (trainer: D & R Simonetta)
    Hawkesbury RC
        12:20 Race 1 Your Business Here Maiden H., A$32300 1300m
            Miss Japan (JPN) 2016 (F. by Deep Impact-Miss World) (trainer: Stephen O'Halloran)
        13:30 Race 3 Summit Landscapes Maiden P., A$33300 1800m
            Zippy Mississippi (NZ) 2014 (F. by Zed-Penelope Pitstop) (trainer: Martin McInerney)
    Lockyer RC
        16:44 Race 8 Lockyer Produce H., A$19000 1100m
            Darci's Money (NZ) 2008 (G. by Darci Brahma-Miss Moneytree) (trainer: Ms K Brewster)
Hong Kong
        12:30 Race 1 Medic Kingdom H., HK$725000 1400m
            Alderaanian - Nitro Express (H.K.) (AUS) 2011 (G. by Nadeem-Princess Laya) (trainer: D Ferraris)
        14:30 Race 5 Solar Hei Hei H., HK$967000 1800m
            Management Star (NZ) 2013 (G. by Darci Brahma-Bella Rosalia) (trainer: K W Lui)
        15:00 Race 6 Mr Award H., HK$967000 1200m
            Golden Link (NZ) 2016 (G. by Per Incanto-Kendoka) (trainer: P Yiu)
    Murtoa RC
        15:30 Race 7 Ecycle Solutions H., A$20000 1600m
            Indian Rani (NZ) 2015 (F. by Nadeem-Zenno Queen) (trainer: P A Preusker)
        16:00 Race 8 Bet365 H., A$20000 1200m
            Lord of the Turf (AUS) 2015 (G. by Animal Kingdom-Vienna Lady) (trainer: Aaron Purcell)
    Ballina JC
        14:05 Race 3 TAB Maiden P., A$22000 1590m
            Mulroney (NZ) 2016 (G. by Savabeel-Shandream) (trainer: Ms M Brosnan)
        14:40 Race 4 Iron Jack Maiden H., A$22000 1000m
            Cubic Zirconia (NZ) 2016 (G. by Per Incanto-Dee Flawless) (trainer: Ms M Brosnan)
        15:55 Race 6 Win Network H., A$22000 1590m
            Prince of Arran (NZ) 2014 (G. by Nadeem-Centaine Gu Li) (trainer: Ms M Brosnan)
    Seymour RC
        13:00 Race 2 Parker Bros Earthmoving Maiden 2YO P., A$20700 1200m
            It's Pins (NZ) 2017 (F. by Pins-Onesey) (trainer: Jason Warren)
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Recent Starts

Mr Davinci (NZ) 2011(G. by Zed-Loyal Maid) 11th Wanganui JC Function Centre Maiden Hurdle, NZ$15000 2400m earning NZ$300 (trainer: Ms G Temperton)
Kirkenes (AUS) 2013(G. by Encosta de Lago-Bellerama) 8th Wanganui JC Function Centre Maiden Hurdle, NZ$15000 2400m earning NZ$300 (trainer: J R Wheeler)
Old Countess (NZ) 2009(F. by Zed-The Governess) 2nd Wanganui JC Kevin Myers Stables S/chase, NZ$15000 3000m earning NZ$2250 (trainer: P & J Brosnan)
La Donna (NZ) 2016(F. by Per Incanto-Miss Rule) 9th Wanganui JC Pacific Gauge Calibration Maiden S., NZ$15000 800m earning NZ$300 (trainer: Ms A Herbert)
Loving Gracie (NZ) 2016(F. by Per Incanto-Casabella Lane) 5th Pakenham RC Maiden P., A$31500 1000m earning A$945 (trainer: Rachael Triffett)
Princess Jenni (NZ) 2014(F. by Zed-Jennibegood) 9th Wanganui JC R Lockett Racing Stable H., NZ$15000 1600m earning NZ$300 (trainer: A M Clement)
Ask Pa (NZ) 2016(F. by Ocean Park-Singing Star) 13th Wanganui JC Mark Buckley Memorial Maiden S., NZ$15000 1200m (trainer: J G Bary)
Vroom (NZ) 2014(F. by Nadeem-Tinkermia) 13th Wanganui JC IG & RJ Hackett Farrier H., NZ$15000 1360m (trainer: G Lowry & G Cullen)
Vroom (NZ) 2014(F. by Nadeem-Tinkermia,
by Johar-Twafeaj)
13th Wanganui JC IG & RJ Hackett Farrier H., NZ$15000 1360m (trainer: G Lowry & G Cullen)
Skarloey (NZ) 2014(G. by Per Incanto-Cachette) 8th Wanganui JC IG & RJ Hackett Farrier H., NZ$15000 1360m earning NZ$300 (trainer: C D Cromarty)
Dez (NZ) 2011(G. by Zed-Black Falcon) 3rd Wanganui JC Palamountains Nutrition H., NZ$15000 1600m earning NZ$1050 (trainer: S J Wilson)
Zeefa Zed (NZ) 2014(G. by Zed-Winkum) 4th Wanganui JC Palamountains Nutrition H., NZ$15000 1600m earning NZ$600 (trainer: J R Wheeler)
Bandahara (AUS) 2015(G. by Fastnet Rock-Banc de Fortune) 1st Scone RC Cressfield Stud H., A$22000 1600m earning A$11200 (trainer: K A Lees)
Schnell (AUS) 2015(F. by High Chaparral-Gypsy Rose Lee,
by Pins-Snobbish)
5th Scone RC Emirates Park Maiden H., A$22000 1300m earning A$720 (trainer: R E Ollerton)
Raziel (NZ) 2014(F. by Per Incanto-Saint She Ain't) 8th Goulburn DRC Kilpatrick Holdings H., A$22000 2140m earning A$500 (trainer: John Bannister)

Recent Results

Here Comes Ted (NZ) 2016(G. by Per Incanto-Princess Annaliese) 5th HKJC Sha Tin AWT Barrier trial, 1200m (trainer: D E Ferraris)
Centurion (NZ) 2014(G. by Zed-Taupaki Flight) 4th Singapore TC Practice trial, 1000m (trainer: KS TAN)
Jk Flash (NZ) 2014(G. by Nadeem-Coco Chanel) 7th Singapore TC Practice trial, 1000m (trainer: J O'Hara)
Dare to Be (NZ) 2016(G. by Nadeem-Santorini) 3rd Macau Barrier trial, 800m (trainer: S.Chow)
Longhu (NZ) 2012(G. by Per Incanto-Sacred Steps) 8th Singapore TC Practice trial, 1000m (trainer: S Baertschiger)
Vulcan (NZ) 2015(G. by Per Incanto-Mayfair) 1st Singapore TC Practice trial, 1000m (trainer: S Baertschiger)
Wecando (NZ) 2014(G. by Per Incanto-Magic Daze) 2nd Singapore TC Practice trial, 1000m (trainer: S Gray)
Speedy Rose (NZ) 2015(F. by Nadeem-Lady Beretta) 8th Singapore TC Practice trial, 1000m (trainer: J O'Hara)
unnamed (NZ) 2017(C. by Per Incanto-Zalass) Unpl Te Aroha JC 2YO Catchweight 1000 trial, 1000m (trainer: Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman)
unnamed (NZ) 2017(F. by Per Incanto-Anna Rose) Unpl Te Aroha JC 2YO Catchweight 1000 trial, 1000m (trainer: Clayton Chipperfield)
unnamed (NZ) 2014(C. by Zed-Hot Moss) Unpl Te Aroha JC Maiden Catchweight 1000 trial, 1000m (trainer: Tanya Donaldson)
Alchemia (NZ) 2017(F. by Per Incanto-Amonmarie) 1st Te Aroha JC 2YO Catchweight 800 trial, 800m (trainer: Simon & Katrina Alexander)


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  • Freefone: 0800-4ARION
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A family operation and success over many years, plus a location in a beautiful, under rated part of the country.

Andrew Forsman, Cambridge Trainer