Little Avondale Daily Runners

Upcoming Starts

    Albury RC
        15:00 Race 4 Village Green on Cup Day Maiden P., A$30000 1000m
            Count the Pennies (AUS) 2014 (F. by Reward for Effort-Piano Rose) (trainer: C J Davis)
        16:30 Race 7 Millie Fox S. Gr.2, A$202000 1300m
            Savvy Coup (NZ) 2014 (F. by Savabeel-Eudora) (trainer: C J Waller)
    Condobolin DPRC
        16:35 Race 5 Picnic Cup H., A$8000 1400m
            Collins Street (AUS) 2010 (G. by Street Cry-Little Chloe) (trainer: C A Tyack)
    Gosford RC
        13:05 Race 1 Easy Mix Concrete Maiden P., A$30300 2100m
            He's McCaw (NZ) 2014 (G. by He's Remarkable-Bella Carolina) (trainer: Jacob Perrett)
    Mackay TC
        11:40 Race 1 Kombi Keg Whitsunday P., A$18600 1050m
            Nadeem Esprit (AUS) 2012 (G. by Nadeem-Jester Rose) (trainer: Ms O Cairns)
        17:57 Race 11 Kitchen Vintage Mackay H., A$19000 1560m
            Court Clown (AUS) 2009 (G. by Nadeem-Our Greta) (trainer: Ricky Vale)
    Woolamai DRC
        15:05 Race 4 Wonthaggi Club Trophy H., A$3840 1008m
            Sally Sells Shells (NZ) 2014 (F. by Per Incanto-Waitui Belle) (trainer: Ms R Waymouth)
    Macau JC
        14:00 Race 1 Tsimshatsui H., M$200000 1500m
            Pearl Win Win (NZ) 2014 (G. by Zed-Antonia Bella) (trainer: KHL)
            President King (NZ) 2014 (C. by Per Incanto-I'm Samantha) (trainer: CKC)
        15:45 Race 4 Mongkok H., M$200000 1200m
            Fresh Spirit (NZ) 2013 (G. by Pins-Fast Love) (trainer: MCT)
New Zealand
    Matamata RC
        13:35 Race 3 Tonezone S., NZ$22500 1200m
            Monaco (NZ) 2014 (G. by Per Incanto-Monarch) (trainer: S Ralph)
        14:10 Race 4 Slipper S. Gr.3, NZ$70000 1200m
            Yourdeel (NZ) 2016 (G. by Dundeel-Miss Zapper) (trainer: J W Richards)
        14:44 Race 5 New World Matamata H., NZ$25000 1400m
            La Mia Stella (NZ) 2014 (F. by Per Incanto-O'stellar) (trainer: G Richardson & G Parker)
        15:20 Race 6 Matamata Breeders S. Gr.2, NZ$100000 1200m
            Hasstobegood (NZ) 2016 (F. by Per Incanto-Don't Dilly Dally) (trainer: R James & R Wellwood)
            Madam Pompom (NZ) 2016 (F. by Smart Missile-Kallisan) (trainer: N W Tiley)
            Glinda Goodwitch (NZ) 2016 (F. by Per Incanto-Turf Fire) (trainer: S B Marsh)
        15:55 Race 7 Kaimai S. L, NZ$50000 2000m
            Verry Flash (NZ) 2014 (G. by Zed-Opulence) (trainer: N P Bishara)
    Otaki Maori RC
        13:17 Race 2 Otaki Mail H., NZ$30000 1200m
            Sweepstake (NZ) 2013 (F. by Per Incanto-Lottery) (trainer: M P Breslin)
        13:52 Race 3 Riverstone Cafe H., NZ$22500 1400m
            Castani (NZ) 2014 (G. by Per Incanto-Canny Deal) (trainer: H Renall)
        14:27 Race 4 Sunrans Spa Maiden S., NZ$10000 1600m
            Lincoln Fury (AUS) 2015 (G. by All Too Hard-May Rain) (trainer: Ms L Latta)
        15:02 Race 5 Aquashield Roofing H., NZ$22500 1600m
            Sophia Magia (NZ) 2013 (F. by Per Incanto-Heloise) (trainer: R J Bergerson)
        15:39 Race 6 Raukawa Cup, NZ$40000 2200m
            Zac Brown (NZ) 2011 (G. by Zed-Posta Secret) (trainer: S Nickalls)
        16:14 Race 7 WFA S. Gr.1, NZ$200000 1600m
            Shadows Cast (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Ages Past) (trainer: M K Oulaghan)
        16:49 Race 8 Vets on Riverbank, NZ$25000 2100m
            Fictitious (NZ) 2014 (F. by Ocean Park-Fiaba) (trainer: Ms L Latta)
            All in Stitches (NZ) 2014 (G. by Zed-All in Keeping) (trainer: K Gray)
    Coff's Harbour RC
        15:05 Race 3 Elmac Electrical Maiden P., A$22000 1215m
            National Park (NZ) 2015 (F. by O'Reilly-Marahau) (trainer: D D Schmidt)
        17:05 Race 6 Great Northern NRRA Championship Preview H., A$22000 1315m
            Kedah (NZ) 2015 (F. by Per Incanto-Malaya) (trainer: K A Lees)
    Hawkesbury RC
        16:00 Race 6 Irresistible Pools & Spas Maiden P., A$35000 1400m
            Zippy Mississippi (NZ) 2014 (F. by Zed-Penelope Pitstop) (trainer: Martin McInerney)
    Pinjarra RC
        16:25 Race 7 Pinjarra Classic L, A$119450 1300m
            Belter (AUS) 2013 (G. by Denman-Twain) (trainer: S R Casey)
        17:35 Race 8 Kevin Sharkie H., A$19000 1200m
            Ansaam (AUS) 2012 (F. by Per Incanto-Tanaami) (trainer: B W Goodrick)
Hong Kong
        13:30 Race 2 Fu Tai H., HK$1950000 1600m
            Time to Celebrate (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Silver Cent) (trainer: J J Size)
        17:10 Race 9 Wu King H., HK$1380000 1200m
            Honest Way (NZ) 2014 (G. by Per Incanto-Our Foil) (trainer: D Ferraris)
    Perak TC
        13:15 Race 2 Class 5 H., Rgt.19900 1400m
            Dicaprio (NZ) 2013 (G. by Pins-Clermont Princess) (trainer: A NOR AZMAN)
        18:00 Race 11 Class 5 H., Rgt.19900 1200m
            Hoffman (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Lady Beretta) (trainer: P K LEONG)
            King Power (NZ) 2014 (G. by Zed-Manaia) (trainer: P K LEONG)
New Zealand
    Wairoa RC
        13:15 Race 2 Kiwi Transport Maiden S., NZ$10000 1200m
            Desert Magic (NZ) 2015 (G. by Per Incanto-Sahara) (trainer: M P Breslin)
        14:25 Race 4 Colliers International H., NZ$12000 1500m
            Cutting Up Rough (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Lutine Belle) (trainer: R R Manning)
            Pep Torque (NZ) 2013 (G. by Nadeem-Cosmic Flight) (trainer: Ms K Lawrence)
        15:00 Race 5 Brokerweb Risk Services (Hb) Maiden S., NZ$10000 1400m
            Magic Incanto (NZ) 2012 (F. by Per Incanto-Magic Daze) (trainer: F W Pratt)
            Che Guevara (NZ) 2014 (G. by Nadeem-Nikki's Bride) (trainer: R R Manning)
            Cover Drive (NZ) 2015 (G. by Per Incanto-Arica) (trainer: K T Myers)
            Penny Royal (NZ) 2015 (F. by Per Incanto-Mint) (trainer: G Lowry & G Cullen)
        15:35 Race 6 Eastland Veterinary Services H., NZ$10000 1300m
            Carillion (NZ) 2013 (F. by Per Incanto-Lutine Belle) (trainer: G Lowry & G Cullen)
            Mediterranean Star (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Baillieborough) (trainer: S B Marsh)
        16:10 Race 7 Wairoa Cup, NZ$30000 2100m
            Saint Kitt (NZ) 2009 (G. by Keeper-Southern Cry) (trainer: G Lowry & G Cullen)
    Shoalhaven City TC
        16:30 Race 6 Back to the Track H., A$22000 1400m
            Mucker (AUS) 2012 (G. by Nadeem-Hukba) (trainer: Aaron Clarke)
    Cairns JC
        14:50 Race 5 Australasian Point of Sale, A$18600 950m
            (Kim's) Tarzan (NZ) 2014 (G. by Nadeem-Grable) (trainer: Krystle Johnston)
South Africa
        14:55 Race 4 Racing It's a Rush H., R114075 1000m
            Lloyd's Legacy (AUS) 2013 (C. by More Than Ready-Oh Goodness Me) (trainer: Louis Goosen)
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Recent Starts

Rock Mylady (NZ) 2011 (G. by Road to Rock-Myladys) 2nd Geraldton TC Bunbury Apartment Hotel H., A$15500 1400m earning A$3100 (trainer: A P Scally)
Producer (NZ) 2013 (G. by Per Incanto-Sivocci) 4th CJC Walker Davey Searells Maiden S., NZ$10000 1800m earning NZ$500 (trainer: Kennedy Moore)
Baby Menaka (NZ) 2014 (F. by Zed-Menaka) 5th CJC Clare Yardley Barrister H., NZ$10000 1600m earning NZ$250 (trainer: J & K Parsons)
Musee d'Orsay (NZ) 2015 (F. by Rip Van Winkle-Kalamanda) 6th CJC Clare Yardley Barrister H., NZ$10000 1600m (trainer: M P McCann)
Arnage (NZ) 2015 (F. by Per Incanto-Madly Bentley) 5th CJC NZB Bloodstock Insurance Pearl Maiden S., NZ$10000 1200m earning NZ$250 (trainer: Ms J Burrows)
Hillersden (NZ) 2015 (G. by Zed-Forbetterforworse) 11th CJC Racecourse Hotel and Motor Lodge Maiden S., NZ$10000 1400m (trainer: D M Crozier)

Recent Results

Lucky Shiny Day (NZ) 2014 (G. by Per Incanto-Zalass) 4th HKJC Sha Tin AWT Barrier trial, 1200m (trainer: L Ho)
Gallant Success (NZ) 2014 (G. by Pins-Royal Excess) 2nd HKJC Sha Tin Turf Barrier trial, 1000m (trainer: A T Millard)
Hypnotist - Breeders' Sky (H.K.) (AUS) 2014 (G. by Snitzel-My Amazing Dream) 4th HKJC Sha Tin Turf Barrier trial, 1000m (trainer: K H Ting)
Focus (NZ) 2015 (G. by Per Incanto-Princess Alexandra) 10th HKJC Sha Tin Turf Barrier trial, 800m (trainer: P F Yiu)
Speedy Rose (NZ) 2015 (F. by Nadeem-Lady Beretta) 1st Singapore TC Official Race trial, 1000m (trainer: J O'HARA)
Stardice (NZ) 2014 (G. by O'Reilly-Joy) 10th Singapore TC Practice trial, 1000m (trainer: J SAIMEE)


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