Naming A Horse

Where to start and do we have guidelines to work within? Yes there are guidelines and a few are mentioned below but to help get you started for that perfect name many start with an anagram of their sire or dam. Others decide to think a little laterally and drag in syllables of a portion of each of the sire or dam's name. Confused - well some interesting options that have been used are:
The Jolly Dancer (Victory Dance - Respectful)
Kay's Awake (Towkay - Wake Up Susie)
Iresistabeel (Zabeel - Ficcio)
My Hangover (My Halo - Hangover Street)
Miss Caroma (Pervero - High Plateau)

Miss Caroma's sire and dam have no relevance to her name but word has it she had constant diarrhea as a foal hence the name of a toilet brand!

...the options are endless.

Listed below are some useful hints to bear in mind when naming a horse:

  • Names cannot exceed 18 characters, including the spaces.
  • Don't apply for names whose spelling or pronunciation is similar to names already registered.
  • A name cannot be re-used until 15 years has elapsed since the foaling of a similar named horse.
  • Names for broodmares cannot be used again until 12 years has elapsed since that name last appeared in a Volume of the Stud Book.
  • Names of winners of Group One races are protected.

For a quick check on whether a name is available or not or for any further help please contact:

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
PO Box 38 386 Wellington Mail Centre
p +64 4 576 6240

Buzz’s crazy ads, but on a slightly more serious note, how the family have continued to produce sound, genuine and class performers is testimony to the family and their staffs dedication and horsemanship.

Stephen Marsh, Cambridge Trainer